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An Essential Trading Education Program for Beginners
Day Trading is a rewarding, but difficult skillset to start learning. Warrior Starter is a quick and simple way to get your dream of day trading success going.
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Our Warrior Starter membership centers on a self-paced, 15 chapter course that lays a strong foundation for novice traders. After completing the course, Starter members can use our Real-Time Trading Simulator and our Live Trading Chat Room to start putting theory into practice. This means new traders can start their trading journey with a low upfront cost and comprehensive program. Once completed, Starter members can upgrade to Pro with confidence.
Warrior Starter Includes
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Warrior Starter Course
Taught by Warrior Trading’s founder Ross Cameron, this course will allow you to “try on” the world of day trading. The Starter Course provides a thorough overview of day trading topics like technical indicators, risk management, and scanning for opportunities in the market. After completing the Starter Course, you’ll complete our New Trader Assessment to determine which courses in our Warrior Pro program match your goals, lifestyle, and risk tolerance.
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Live Trading Chat Rooms
Want to look over Ross’s shoulder while he trades? The Trading Chat Room offers direct access to watching Ross and other mentors trade in real-time from 9:00 am–4:00 pm EST. This means you can accelerate your own learning by watching Warrior Trading’s mentors apply the principles from the Starter Course in real-world trades. Warrior Trading’s Chat Room also brings together thousands of fellow traders. This means you will be able to discuss market conditions in real-time and share ideas. The community on Warrior Trading’s platform will accelerate your learning and also creates accountability to stick to your daily goals and your overall strategy.
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Real-Time Trading Simulator
Practice makes perfect. The best way to learn is by doing — but that can be a costly proposition with day trading. Warrior Trading’s Simulator will hone your trading strategy before risking real money in the market. The Simulator has the same layout as real-world trading software and replicates market conditions in real-time. This means that when you feel the nerves of taking your first real trade — you’ll have a wealth of knowledge and simulator experience to rely on.

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The total value you get is $896/month + $3200 in bonuses
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The total value you get is $896/month + $3200 in bonuses
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