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Our Wicked Trading Chart membership centers on a self-paced, simple trading adaptation that lays a strong foundation for traders of ALL experience levels. After completing our web tutorials, WC members can use our Real-Time Trading Simulator and our Technical Trading Software to start putting theory into practice. This means new traders can start their trading journey with a low upfront cost and comprehensive program. Once completed, you may embark on your journey of reaching Professional Trader status – and we are here to help every step of the way.

Wicked Trading Chart Includes

Ramp Up With the Basics

Taught by Wicked Charts founder David G, this set of Tutorials will introduce you to POWERFUL support and resistance strategies.  You’ll learn how to quickly identify breakout zones, how to implement a risk profile, and how to adapt to variety of market conditions. After completing the Tutorials, you’ll be able to join our Weekly Mentorship group (included FREE to all members).

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Wicked Charts Software

The next step in your trading journey means doing your homework and mastering your craft.  We’ll show you how to apply different strategies to different markets and different timeframes.  Want to scalp?  We have a solution for you.  Prefer longer term trend trading?  Even better – the Wicked Charts were designed to quickly identify Breakout zones in the market and you’ll be able to spot them with ease when you launch our Wicked Charts

Real-Time Trading Simulator

Have you heard this saying “Practice makes perfect”? The best way to learn is by doing — and you’ll have access to the TOP Trading Simulator…included FREE as a Wicked Charts member.  The Trading Simulator allows you to hone your skills as a professional trader and perform both backtesting as well as forward testing. The Simulator has the same layout as real-world trading software and mostly duplicates market conditions in real-time. Time for you to get behind the wheel – and go!

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Get started today and receive 2 BONUS indicators as part of the Wicked Chart Trading System.

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